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What Is An Open Massage?

The Feminine Massage - Back & Front 


Enjoy a nourishing 2 hour full-body massage from

back to front. It's an actual full body massage that will

make you feel deeply relaxed and therapeutic leaving

you feeling energised, connected and revitlised! The 

purpose for women who prefer to have a fullfilling full body












What's Including: 

  • Whole body massage from the back as in The Holistic Massage Session

  • Whole body massage from the front depending on your selection include a breast massage and stomach massage

  • A pressure point release from the outside of the genitals. No internal massage inside the vagina. Your choice to have this session with or without underwear. The purpose of this pressure point release is to help circulate blood flow, get rid of knots, tangles and connect you to your femininity. 

Upon having this massage you fill a form how you wish this session to be for you. For example you may accept everything from the above included in this session or wish to have one or two areas focused that will be specfied in your form. 





Kindly note, is a professional and authentic sensual therapeutic massage for women with no form of intimate lovemaking. It's a hands-on sensual massage making this an enjoyable fulfilling massage to release tension, stress and possibly healing. This session is available after the first session of having The Holistic Massage at no additonal costs allowing you to feel more at ease and your chance to enjoy this experience. 



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2 hour deeply relaxing therapeutic massage
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The Yoni Massage Rejuvenation  

The concept of this session is that both emotional and physical tensions are released, giving you more mental clarity, confidence, and connection in your mind and body. In essence, the idea is receiving a deeper sense of relaxation, release of physical and emotional blockages helping you become more in-tune with your body, comfortable mentally, physically and life to work better for you and take away daily stress. ​

This therapeutic, sensual session incorporates the yoni massage which involves the massage of the whole genital area, externally and internally. I will carefully massage the yoni (vulva and vagina) whilst you perform breathing and sound exercises. 

Yoni Massage which means 'sacred space' is known as an internal massage inside of the vagina. It's a special therupuetic session that is not a stand alone session. For a true authetnic yoni massage it has to include full body massage. At budget friendly £249  for this session. 

What is Included in the 5 hour Session: 

  • Everything from The Holistic Massage

  • Everthing from The Queen Sensuality Massage  

  • Include a Yoni massage with no addtional costs.


If you are interested in discovering and exploring about yoni massage, I have created a blog what happens during an authentic yoni massage.