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Women hold great potential for bliss; they can feel pleasure in any part of their body once they are free and clear from emotional blockages and can learn to focus on relaxing, receiving, and surrendering.

Many women find it easier to give than to receive. The old adage its better to give than to receive isn’t always true and whilst no one wants to be selfish in the bedroom not being able to receive can also stop you from being able to deeply connect, receive the gift of caring, pleasure and connection.

You may find it difficult to receive for a number of reasons that may include:

Defence Against Intimacy

Receiving creates connection. So whether this is in daily life or in the bedroom being a giver not a receiver can be a way of protecting yourself from the risk of intimacy; its an excellent way to deal with the fear of getting hurt and intimacy, but it’s also a good way of depriving ourselves of precious moments of connection.

Letting Go of Control

When we give, we’re in control. So some people find it much easier to offer a kind word or buy someone a gift than allow themselves to surrender to the good feeling of receiving a gift. Receiving invites us to welcome a vulnerable part of ourselves and for many people this can feel dangerous and awkward.

During love making and sexual intimacy it can be difficult for a woman to receive as she may not feel comfortable surrendering and being vulnerable.

Negative Beliefs

We may harbour negative beliefs such as it is selfish to receive. Social or religious conditions may have taught us that we are being selfish if we receive and so we learn to be self-effacing and as a result of this conditioning we may feel a sense of shame when receiving.

Trapped Negative Emotions

If negative emotions become trapped within our bodies, we my find it difficult to let go and receive pleasure. Shame, guilt, fear are all emotions that may be held on to deep within the cellular memory of the body and can prevent us being able to be present in the moment and receive.

If you are experiencing difficulty receiving, then you may want to consider having abdominal massage through breath work. The intention of a abdominal massage is to

  • Awaken you to the possibilities of pleasure inherent in a relaxed and focused exploration.

  • Clear your energies centres in your body.

The purpose of the abdominal massage is healing and to release any stagnant, negative emotions stored in the tummy that in turn helps you to reconnect with your feminine energy and your sensual body. This allows you to feel bliss again and to be able to learn to receive as well as give.

Depending on your level of comfort you can also include can help a woman to release trapped, obstinate emotions, transform numb areas into pleasure points, connect with themselves, and practice surrendering to pleasure, allowing a woman to realise her full potential.

Holistic Massage Brixton For Women offers sessions for women which includes having an abdominal massage.

If you are interested in finding out more about more, feel free to contact us and will love would be more than happy to chat with you about intimacy help and how we can best support you.

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