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Empowering Women Through Therapeutic Holistic Massage

Did you know that 81% of UK women have said they have felt so stressed over the last year that they felt overwhelmed and unable to cope? In fact, 35% of women have said they had experienced suicidal feelings as a result of this stress, as found in a recent survey.

As women, we carry a heavy load. We’re expected to be full-on professionals at work, leaving our family life and responsibilities at the door. And, at home, we’re expected to be full-time mums whose only focus is our family. The push and pull between these and our many other roles and responsibilities can lead to total overwhelm and even burnout.

Often, we need most as women to feel empowered to navigate life’s stressors and to cope with and overcome stress and anxiety to reveal a new, healed self.

In my line of work, I am most passionate about empowering women to stand up for themselves and live as their true and authentic selves through therapeutic holistic massage.

Through this type of massage therapy, I give you the energy you need to become conscious-aware of your actions and what you wish to work towards in life.

I feel that this quote from George Orwell’s 1984 sums up what I’m trying to say here quite well: “Until they become conscious, they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled, they cannot become conscious.”

What is therapeutic holistic massage?

I believe anyone going for a massage should feel completely relaxed, revitalised, and energised. A massage therapist who knows what they’re doing will help you feel a sense of true calm while having the zest you need to reclaim control of your life.

Therapeutic holistic massage looks at the whole picture rather than simply a painful shoulder or a stiff neck.

Combining techniques including Thai massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, reiki massage, and feminine massage – therapeutic holistic massage treats both the mind and the body.

In my sessions, I help you work through whatever is holding you back from being fully empowered and living the life you’ve always wanted. I provide sustainable relaxation and empowerment methods to help you cope better, boost your self-esteem, and combat stress.

Holistic massage sessions are tailored to your specific needs and can last up to two hours, depending on how much bodywork is needed to help give you the boost you need.

Who benefits from therapeutic holistic massage?

At Holistic Massage Brixton, I see women from all walks of life coming to my massage centre. Whether they’re single mums or super successful CEOs (or both), the women I treat often struggle with stress and a negative self-image that can leave them physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted.

No matter who you are and what type of massage therapy you prefer, you can benefit from holistic massage.

Other than empowerment, are there any other benefits of therapeutic holistic massage?

While my focus is always to help women become more in touch with themselves through clarity and focus so that they can live more empowered lives, there are plenty of other benefits involved in holistic massage.

The benefits of holistic massage are endless – from pain relief and injury rehabilitation to firmer breasts and increased sensitivity to pleasure.

You can benefit from holistic massage no matter who you are or what life has thrown your way thus far.

If you’re looking for a massage session that leaves you feeling exhilarated, inspired, and empowered, contact me via my website and let’s start working on a new, conscious-aware you.

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