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How To Get In Touch With Your Feminine Energy

How does a modern woman cultivate feminine energy? What does that even mean? There is no definitive guide for how much of the feminine to embrace, or in what contexts it can best serve you. The whole idea of feminine energy can sound a little woo-woo to some women, while others embrace this construct freely. Notions of masculine and feminine energy can get pretty convoluted, even among professionals. Looking at it from a blend of various lenses, such as psychology, sociology, energy work, and neurology, can perhaps shed some light on what exactly it is, and how you can cultivate it in your life.

Defining Masculine and Feminine Energy

How the masculine and feminine are labeled and discussed seems to be similar across domains, but the motive and acceptance of those terms vary. Masculine energy, sometimes referred to as “yang,” often refers to a mindset, characteristics, and patterns of behavior that are active and action-oriented. Feminine energy, or “yin,” denotes a disposition rooted in stillness. Held in concert, this polarity of masculine and feminine represents a balance of activity and stillness.

Masculine characteristics

Action-oriented (active)






Singularly focused





Feminine characteristics

Stillness (passive)











Many people in contemporary society reject the labels of masculine and feminine, believing they are outdated and sexist, while others cling to binary gender roles as a blueprint for life. Certainly the labels of masculine and feminine can lead to dicey pairings with gender roles, which is not necessarily what these different groupings of energy or characteristics were created to delineate.

Whether someone has more masculine or feminine traits is not necessarily tied to their gender, and here is where it can get confusing. Every person needs to possess some aspect of both masculine and feminine energy. Think about it. If you were always passive, you would never even get out of bed, let alone send back an overcooked meal at a restaurant or set boundaries with an overbearing coworker. The simple act of standing up to hustle for your morning coffee is considered masculine by these definitions. Men and women, and everyone along the gender continuum, exhibit traits that are outlined as masculine or feminine, regardless of their brain sex or body sex.

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