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How To Get My Ex Back It's Been Years

Are you someone who keeps thinking of your first love?

It has been many years and you’re still thinking about them?

I am going to be real with you, unless that person has contacted you via phone, email or reached out to you in person, they have left you in a difficult situation. Many women get confused and often in delusion there still is a connection, where as the truth of the matter is you are subconsciously emotionally trapped with that person. This is the one truth no one tells you about and unless you do something about it, when it comes to you going after the things you want in life, it will be near impossible because you’re not emotionally free.

My Tip For You

If you really are confused and need clarity, I want you to reach out to the person to find out where you stand but be prepared you may not receive the answer you wish but least your mental well being will be at peace. If you choose to not then that's your answer for you. You know it yourself.

When the one you love leaves you, it creates a void in your life, a hole in your heart. You keep falling in that pit. You need to fill that gaping hole somehow. It is not easy but it can be done. When their memories come knocking on the doors of your heart, shift your attention. If you can divert your thoughts at that time, gradually the imprints will become lighter, the intensity of their memories will start to diminish. The greater the number of memories you have with someone, the harder it is to move on. Because memories indicate a commitment of time. The number of memories is directly proportional to the amount of time you invested with the person. How big or how easily an investment can one write off varies from one person to another. You cannot erase a person from your mind by trying to not think about them. Energy healing work has worked for me

You can book your holistic healing session over zoom or in United Kingdom, London with Candi to start giving you the strength and have clarity over the situation. You can also have a free chat with me over the phone and see the best direction for you.

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