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How To Heal From That Person Who Broke Up With You

A break up from the person you love is one of the worse things because it puts you in a very emotional and vulnerable position. You find yourself questioning the how's, the why's and even reflect this on yourself.

"Was I good?"

"If I was so good why did they leave me?"

And who likes rejection girl? You may find there may be that "hope" they welcome back to you, especially if you had a soul connection. So where are my tips for you to start getting your heart back on alignment.

  1. Come to a deep understanding it hasn't worked out. You've tried, you can even feel the vibes are not there anymore. When you come to this deep understanding wisedom blossoms up and you start to get yourself out of your own shoes and start to understand how it was for them. Finding out the why's and keep that in consideration is important.

2. Give the person time. You must find out the why from your previous loved one but first, give yourself a cooling off period of 2 weeks, when you are in better frame of mind, calm state of, get your why from that person. When you find out why they broke up with you, you will have a peace of mind. If you are in difficulty here nudge for that person to have an eye to eye conversation with you or phone call as last resort. Unfortunately some people play games and keep you confused, not sure where you stand so all the reason for you to be forthcoming and get your direct answer.

3. A common reason I have heard after a break up is: "you're not attractive anymore". That simply means your energy was not in the right place, else why would they be interested in you in the first place? Don't let that comment slay you down. It's a reflection telling you to get your energy back in alignment and into a habit. This will take time, 3/4 months we are speaking here, and with a strong mind then perhaps you can approach and see how it can possibly work out.

4. Kiss goodbye to neediness. That is a killer and will only make situations worse or if you are uncertain where you are at, it's even worse because if they are not a nice person, they will play you like a fiddle. My biggest tip here is start feeling the neediness and especially loneness. It's natural but if you go on that journey to start feeling why then you will find perhaps you never had love in life overall. And go on the journey to fill your heart with love by going out, yoga, mediation, feel good activities that take you away from these feelings.

3. Come from compassion and understand if they had a better mind they wouldn't of put you in this situation. How a person breaks up with you is also plays a role.

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