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Make The Law Of Attraction Work When Feeling Low

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Our thoughts, beliefs and our what we see taking in plays a role in our lives. When we look at our lives in general, when we react in a ‘negative’ way to particular circumstances, it means we are seeing things in a way that isn’t serving us, that makes us think something better isn’t possible, that things will stay as they are.

When we look at stronger energies like anxiety and depression, they are no different; they can feel very different since they are often pervasive, intense and ever-present. But from an energetic perspective, their root cause is the same as any other ‘negative’ emotional reaction, and dealing with them is basically the same, though it may take a bit more ‘effort.’

Our mind is addicted to our pain; it’s as if it is this separate entity in our being that needs to be fed constantly to survive. It just wants more and more and it will do anything to convince you it’s here to stay, how there isn’t any other way. Wouldn’t it be nice to view things in a way that suggested this wasn’t the case, not by a long shot?

If you feel anxiety, you are viewing things in a way that evokes fear. If you feel depressed, you are viewing things in a way that evokes hopelessness, despair, apathy.

If you know your energy creates your reality, then many of the things you may fear, that may evoke anxiety, are things that you actually don’t need to worry about. You don’t need to feel anxious about money because you know you can be an easy recipient of infinite abundance.

When you realize anything is possible when clean up your vibration, and nothing can get in your way, except you, you might not feel so depressed; there is hope; you know the possibilities are endless, even if your mind can’t figure them all out.

Just like any other conscious creator, all you need is a willingness to question what you believe now, the stories you have constructed about your life and yourself.

You Have a Golden Opportunity

The worse we feel, the more ‘ick’ there is to be dealt with obviously. If you are someone who is battling depression or more intense anxiety, you got some shit going on, shit that if you are willing to deal with head on, can be healed on a level that probably doesn’t seem possible to you now, given your current perspective and head space.

We don’t have to suffer to grow, but it can’t be denied that more intense emotional suffering, like that wrought by anxiety or depression, presents tremendous opportunities for growth, healing, clarity and all manner of positive change. So take advantage.

One of the biggest barriers to true energetic transformation, and not just surface level change that may lead to smaller shifts in your external experience, is our extreme reluctance to deal with our negative feelings.

This, by the way, is why we tend to be so fixated on tools, techniques and what we can ‘do’ to manifest what we want. We want what we want because we feel badly without it and we are looking to the manifestation to make the feelings go away. If we can just figure out how to do manifesting ‘right’ or find the perfect tool, we’ll never have to deal with the messy business of our emotions.

The reason healing depression and anxiety seems so daunting is the amount of emotion not being dealt with is off the charts, and all that energy just keeps building and building.

The more anxious you are, the more fear you have, and fear can be paralyzing; unfortunately, it basically informs our whole existence and how we live our lives.

If you are depressed, you have likely suppressed anger and other stronger emotions to the point you can’t even feel them anymore. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

What if feeling our shit wasn’t as scary as we make it out to be? What if the goal wasn’t getting ‘rid’ of these feelings but embracing them and changing our relationship to them?

What if you could still be a generally happy person and still have the full gamut of feelings that are possible to feel? What if being happy person didn’t mean literally feeling happy all the time?

What if these feelings weren’t your enemy but very, very helpful friends showing you what you need to deal with to get to where you want to be? What if they weren’t getting in the way, but showing you the way?

What if feeling like shit for a few weeks, or even a few months, could set you on a totally different course for years to come, could help you deal with things that have been plaguing you your whole life? That seems like a pretty good bargain to me. By the way, during these extended periods, you won’t feel this way ALL the time. Trust me.

This doesn’t mean that the things we want can’t show up until we create some sort of pristine vibration, completely scrubbed of any negative emotion–they certainly can. But as many people have experienced, the manifestation didn’t actually solve the problem–it didn’t create the happiness, peace of mind or other warm fuzzy you were convinced it would, and you are basically in the same predicament as when you started.

There are plenty of people who have everything us humans tend to want, maybe even all at the same time–money, success, marriage, kids, physical attractiveness, and they are miserable. That should really clue us in that the external circumstances aren’t the level of cause as far as happiness goes.

There might be some temporary boost, but it fades. You may actually end up feeling worse since you didn’t get the happiness you were so sure you would get. If it isn’t the money, the more successful business, the new body, or the new boyfriend, then what is it?

While we may never approach the work of changing our energy purely for the sake of our happiness, peace and well-being, you would be surprised at how close you can come, how even if the core interest remains getting something in particular, it kind of becomes secondary to the healing of the pain, the stronger connection with source, and maximizing spiritual and emotional health.

You’ll still want, but you won’t need. You’ll be interested in seeing certain things in your life, having certain experiences, because they seem fun, pleasurable, meaningful or whatever, but your happiness will not be dependent on them, you will not suffer in their absence. You will no longer withhold permission to enjoy your life and feel better if, and only if, these things show up.

Make Feeling Better the Goal

This is the advice I would give anyone, but this is especially true for people dealing with anxiety and depression. If you go into this ‘work’ of conscious creation from this head space, with getting something specific as the end goal, you will hit a wall pretty much immediately.

Our tendency to live outside-in is extremely deeply ingrained, and the worse shape our ‘outside’ is in, the worse we feel as a result of it, the quicker you will plunge back into your old emotional patterns if you don’t see changes as quickly as your mind wants to see them, or in the very specific ways it wants to see them.

You want what you want; it’s fine. You can have the money, the boyfriend, the better job, the more successful business, or whatever else. No reason not to have these things; totally understandable to want them.

But in these more vulnerable emotional states in particular, simply making healing and generating more positive emotion a means to an end, rather than the end in itself, will just cause more pain; the depression and anxiety will become more deeply rooted.

You may have already seen this first hand if you have been working with this teaching in hopes of manifesting specific things you believe will cure your feelings of depression and anxiety.

Totally operating from this space is probably not going to happen right away, it’s fine. As a human, you may never fully get there…I know I haven’t. But if you can at least keep it in your awareness, you will be much better off for it.

Keep reminding yourself what you are really after at the end of the day–to feel a certain way. It’s not the things your mind believes will create the feelings.

Any positive feeling generated from a particular condition in our life being met will always be short-lived; it will fade eventually. And all the crap will just come rushing right back to the surface and we’re back at square one. The energy will show up in some other way, your mind will fixate on some new manifestation or problem to be solved.

Take It Slow and Celebrate The Small Gains

In theory, you can make a quantum leap in your emotional health. It is simple as a decision. But for most of us, it might be a bit more of a journey. Remember it’s not as hard as our mind makes it out to be–it wants us to think it’s hard so we fail and maintain the status quo–but don’t forget to account for your humanness.

The latter thought does not mean fighting for your shitty feelings and beliefs–you have to be willing to let them go.

One of the reasons that people who experience depression and anxiety may feel less than hopeful about their chances of transforming their lives and energy is in these cases, your vibration and lines of thinking can seem light years away from the ones that would make you a better match to the changes you wish to see in your life.

And because we are trying to manifest from a space of making unwanted feelings go away, from a space of feeling a great sense of need around the things we want, we try to force ourselves into an energy that is likely very foreign to us, in hopes of moving things along as quickly as possible.

But because this energy has little to zero momentum behind it, it tends not to last long, particularly since we are so accustomed to our positive emotion being conditional. Without a ‘reason’ to feel this high energy and happy, we will have a very hard time staying in this space, especially if our default space has been one of feeling depressed or anxious.

If you are feeling depressed and don’t even see the point of getting out of bed, trying to move into a space where you can’t wait to go out and live life everyday, being happy for no reason at all, just marveling in the wonder of a beautiful sunset, is quite a stretch.

If you experience intense anxiety, and are constantly fretting about the future, and imagining every unwanted outcome that could possibly occur in your life, leaping right to feeling total and unshakeable faith in the Universe, and knowing things will be okay no matter what happens, can seem like a tall order.

If you are feeling depressed, and you have even an hour where you are feeling more hopeful, that is awesome. Give yourself a pat on the back.

If you have five minutes where you weren’t consumed with anxiety, or you only freaked out about something for 4 hours instead of a 8, awesome. You’re getting there.

These smaller shifts will actually be more to your benefit because they are real and genuine, and you are getting some actual momentum behind these energies going.

I get it…you just want to feel completely better as quickly as possible. You are suffering with some unpleasant feelings. But the more you resist these unpleasant states, the harder they are to change.

The feelings themselves actually aren’t as intolerable when we remove the desire to fight against them, when we feel depressed about our depression, when we feel anxious about our anxiety.

If you can remember it isn’t the ‘thing’ you are after, but the feelings, the healing, the inner transformation, you won’t be in such a rush to change your energy, you won’t be so resistant to where you are now. You’ll feel a greater sense of peace about your circumstances, about where you are emotionally, even if you don’t like it.

You will be more likely to embrace this opportunity for deeper healing and purging, and you’ll get what you want much faster–which is to merely feel better.

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