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What You Don't Know About Having A Holistic Massage

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The goal of having a holistic massage is to improving your mental well being and physical by promoting relaxation through soothing your muscles. It can include having a chest massage, stomach massage or even a breast massage and or some reiki massage Unfortunately, most women do not receive anterior chest or abdominal work, making for a huge section of the body that has not received touch or had its issues addressed. Women will often make comments after receiving a massage on those parts of the body, some describe feeling lighter, more integrated, calmer or more energised. It’s therefore quite different from deep tissue massage or sports massage. The techniques involve soft strokes over areas which are more prone to pain, or without much muscle coverage. Where the muscles are thicker, the pressure is changed and the massage is deeper.

The different massage techniques improve blood circulation to the areas being worked on. This has a number of different benefits. The increased warmth is soothing and eases sore muscles. But it also helps your body to drain away the toxins we all store up simply through everyday life. Whilst the massage will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, afterwards you may experience a real boost in energy as a result of increased blood circulation. Blood circulation helps improve recovery, as fresh oxygenated blood flows more easily to the area.

Increased range of movement

By gently working the ligaments and muscles, this massage can help to improve your range of movement, keeping you supple and agile. The joints are able to release their natural lubricants. In addition, the therapist may incorporate some gentle stretches into your massage, and these too can help to improve your range of movement.

Reduction in physical stress

Stress can cause our muscles to tense; we’re bracing for the fight or flight response. However, we need to take care to allow our muscles to relax again, discharging the tension when we haven’t fought or run!

Reduction in emotional stress

Unfortunately, many of us live stressful lives with pressures on our time and causes for worry.

Being pampered and lulled into relaxation for an hour or 90 minutes allows all of that emotional stress to ebb away.

Aids immunity

Releases feel good chemicals

Massage has been scientifically proven to release a range of feel good hormones and chemicals in our bodies, such as oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. It’s not just that it makes you feel good by giving you time out and much needed attention, it actually has an effect at a chemical level to make you feel amazing. It's about exploring different massage styles: swedish massage, deep tissue massage, taoism massage, healing massage, thai yoga massage, abdominal massage, etc.

Improve sleep

One of the chemicals we mention above – serotonin – is vital for healthy sleep patterns. It helps you to drop off more easily and also stay asleep. Many people opt to have their massage in the late afternoon or evening precisely so that they can drift off to the Land of Nod afterwards. It’s another benefit of having your Swedish massage done at home; you don’t have to head out into a bustling world afterwards. Instead, you get to really maximise on the benefits.

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