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Why Being Stressed Is Messing With Your Skin

In a nutshell girls - stress sucks. Whether you’re trapped from work, family, issues, relationship, dramas, worrying about what’s going on, it takes a huge affect in your mental state of mind. In fact, it can wreak havoc on your skin. “When you are stressed, the skin becomes more reactive, which means that any underlying skin conditions are likely to flare up,”

Since no one wants to deal with breakouts or accelerated aging, there’s only one way to get this sitch under control and that’s to stress less. Here’s how:


Remember to breathe during the day and get up from your desk multiple times. “It sounds simple, but a few deep breaths can also help you relax and sleep. Another alternative is to have a stress ball or a fidget spinner at your desk that can take the pressure off your facial expressions,”


According to Simpson, exercise gets your heart beating and your skin sweating — which helps cleanse the body of toxins — so hot yoga studios, saunas, and steam rooms are where you want to be spending your time. “All of these things also transport you to a more peaceful, calm state of mind,” she adds.


When creating any kind of change, we need to look at the ‘four bodies’ – our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual/energetic bodies. When we address change at the level of all four bodies, we can create change that is all-encompassing and easier to maintain. While anxiety and worry are feelings, they begin in the mental body and trigger a response in the physical body before becoming an emotion.

1.How to shift your mental state: “Take out a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle to make two columns. In the first column write out as many answers as possible to the following question: I feel anxious when I believe. In the second column write out as many answers as possible to the following question: I feel confident and relaxed when I believe.

2. How to shift your physical state: “Move your body or change your environment in some way. Step outside the office for ten minutes or go for a walk in the evening when you get home. Join an exercise group that is fun and not attached to a specific outcome, or play some uplifting music as you get ready in the morning.”

3. How to shift your focus onto your emotional body: “Close your eyes and take ten deep breaths. Notice where the anxiety is in your body. Notice how it feels – sense it or see it. Notice how big it is and how it feels in your body? Notice if it has a color or shape to it. Continue to keep your attention on the part of your body where you feel the anxiety lives for a minute or two. Allow yourself to feel any emotions that arise and keep your attention on the place of the emotion in your body.

4. How to shift your focus onto your energetic body: “To shift into your energetic body, you need to move only a few inches: from your head to heart. When you feel anxious or worried, take both hands and place them on your heart, and then take ten deep breaths. As you move out of the practice keep 10% of your awareness on your heart as a reminder to yourself that you are going to let your heart lead for now.”

We hope you enjoyed reading and will always try to stay happy, say goodbye to stress as you want flawless skin.


A good massage can help get rid of the physical pains associated with stress, but studies show that there are also stress-relief benefits to regular massages. At least one a month and see how different you feel. Don't forget to request for the face to be massaged as well; not only is it incredibly relaxing, but it can decrease puffiness by aiding lymph-drainage, and over time it will help you to age better.

Love 👄

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