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Our Signature Holistic Rejuvination

These sessions are tailored to take away built up mental stress and long term body aches. Known as bodywork therapy that focus on more care and no immediate rush after the session. Various massage styles used during the session and massage pressure set to your liking. If you are a woman who feels mentally down and physically tired and needs a boost of energy, this session is a must for you, and see the results for yourself! Duration of the session is 2 hours. Excluding talking before and after the session: £140 . Plus check ups. 


Clothes Massage Session

A great starting point for women who prefer to have clothes-on. It's also suitable for women who never experienced having a massage before and are curious. The results and satisfaction are just the same as receiving an exceptional quality massage. Be prepared to have the session with energising hands. Duration of the session is 1 hour and 15 mins. Excluding talking before and after the session: £110 . Plus check ups. 


  • Some oil may be used during the massage or without. 

  • Hands on assistance in yoga 

Woman on massage bed

Now Available

Our nourishing, nurturing massages with a healing twist, help women take away negativity through massage and energy rejuvenation work. With extreme care and pride in caring for women; ensure you get the best massage therapy services available for you. 


Full Body Emotional Release 

Full Body Emotional Release involves deeper dedicated energy work to allow yourself to totally eliminate all tension on a deeper level. A safe nurturing space is supported during the session to allow you to totally relax and let go of emotional distress. If this session strikes an eye, fill out the form with your thoughts of concern or call for more information. Please be clear you are interested in this session upon request.


The Feminine Massage 

Feminine massage is ideal for women who prefer receiving a massage for the purposes of activating their womanhood divine feminine empowerment without feeling conscious of their body. It's a non restricted massage that can also aid in healing and have you feeling comfortable in a safe space. Receive this full body massage to therapeutically deeply relax and energised. Additional: £40 

*Strictly massage and focused on your specify needs/concerns for feminine care only. 

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