Client Testimonials

What Women Are Saying

"I have been through many ups and downs and desperately wanted to be put on the right track in life and reduce my anxiety. I felt very safe from the first session and Candi took her time without rush. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable massage. By the third session I have found a huge difference from where I was. I am no longer a shy, quiet person with a lot of anxiety. My chest feels lighter, no tension and feel really calm mentally and physically. Definitely transformational this has been for me and I highly recommend women to have Candi’s sessions. Thank you so much!


Real pleasure to meet Candi yesterday. She was just what I needed, excellent masseuse, knowledgable and understanding. I was quite stressed out and she was quiet, attentive and most of all she knew exactly when to be gentle and when to apply the right pressure. Will definately book her again! Highly recommend! Thank youCandi!

"You are amazing and I love your advice. You are spreading so much light and wisdom and I commend you for that. Thank you."

Hey Candi thank you so much for today, I feel more grounded and love for myself. My negative critic has quietened.

Thank you very much for meeting yesterday and for the lovely massage"

After our first session, I definitely feel great and I definitely have less tension."

"I was struggling in the dating field, plus lacked confidence and nothing was happening in life. I didn't feel good enough. After looking at Holistic Massage, I somehow felt these sessions would help me holistically and with my confidence as well receiving a nice massage. After a few sessions, I was energised, clear headed and empowered to know how to go about the dating scene and trust the right people will come into my life with this empowerment. Candi's support and encouragement is impeccable and much appreicated. My view of relationships overall and outlook on life has changed and is more positive, my faith in finding happiness is stronger, and am more grounded. I feel so much more positive, uplifted and energetic and so ready to start the best of my life! Thank you so much Candi! You are an exceptional human being and give so much of yourself to help women on the right track in life!"