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"Highly skilled in what she does and made sure before the session she checked in with my needs, what results I was hoping for, and touched base on how she would achieve that. She used varied techniques and took care to focus on all my tension points, as well as helping me with my breathing. I left the session feeling relaxed, calm, and light. Would highly recommend."
"An incredibly caring and intuitive therapist. She works with your mood and nervous system to help you with her healing hands and soul. The massage was incredible and I left feeling lighter and brighter. Finding somebody this good isn't easy. Thank you! "
"It was my first experience having a massage and it was very positive. She asked me questions about my lifestyle to make sure that her treatment will match my needs. I felt comfortable and safe with her, she definitely knows what she is doing. After the massage I felt so much more relaxed."
"Before the session my shoulders were feeling knotted and my back was feeling tight, but now I feel great and very relaxed. A few more sessions has helped making me feel energised and refreshed. 😇"
"All my stress and tension in my body, especially my belly it went away and released. After the massage I feel very motivated and very happy and calm! I feel light and feel like I want to do a lot of work and got this positive energy already!"

Altaire Galve

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